founded in 2004, the registered capital of 10 million Yuan, with its headquarters in Beijing. At present, the company is the data recovery industry with core competitiveness of enterprises, in the restoration of technical and service standards are up to international standards. Company specializes in providing data recovery, hard drive data recovery in Beijing, Beijing u disk data recovery, RAID data recovery, in Beijing Beijing Beijing database server data recovery, data recovery, Beijing SD card data recovery, data recovery, hard drive data recovery, u disk data recovery, RAID data recovery, Server data recovery, data recovery, SD card data recovery. Management team with a wealth of operational experience and the courage to explore the spirit of innovation, the company quickly became the first advantage data recovery services has a strong brand, and exclusively offers localized data recovery service.  

leading-edge technology with the best is undoubtedly the domestic data recovery industry banner, bearing the heavy responsibility of safeguarding national security. In marketing, good will unswervingly implement the "brand strategy", to the same high quality localization services across the country to win around the user's high praise. In addition, the FCDA was excellent community-oriented data recovery training, data recovery laboratory set up, sales and other related business information security products, has made remarkable achievements.