Main functions of low-level format
&Nbsp;    hard drive low level format referred to as low, also called hard disk physical format (talking sicalFo Lady at). Its role is to detect

hard disk magnetic media, divided into tracks, each track is divided into sectors, and according to users of selected crossover factor [kbBlMe)

row of the sectors in track order, and so on. In General, low-level format hard drive 4C the main following features

① test hard disk media

② as the hard disk divided into tracks

II for each track of the hard disk sector crossed by a specified factor interval arrangements

II place the sector on each track, complete the set of sectors

⑤ test the disk surface to others or damage the tracks and sectors do "bad" tags

⑧ writes some data to each sector of the hard disk

     sector Interleave factor is determined by the order of the arrangements the hard drive so hard "crossover factor" in the lower

this link was identified. When low-level formatting is completed, the hard drive is set to become the canonical form of the original. If the hard disk

do low-level format have been used before, and there is a data file, initializing clears your hard disk all of the data that existed.

in addition, when the hard drive low level format, divided into sectors and the process of dividing a track uniform, that sector of the same

when determining the location of the track, which is a physical process, not divided into tracks, and then to arrange the slices.

     low level format as in a clearing house (a sector), in order to manage these houses, but also give it

order to record their address (delete), built a House, after the programmed number will be able to account for these House

management. After low-level format and disk "House" or "City" was built, you can live "person"

(data). Some readers may ask, not only advanced format before using it? Yes, but that is the operation

system, belong to the hierarchy. Management and use of data files of the operating system, you need to write some guidance

according to the management, distribution and data. But for low level hard disk management, after completing low-level format do you can write data to

, advanced format itself is writing data to hard disk. ATA interface in sector operates;

management system to file units. Where the file is called when the operating system must have some mechanism to decide

file record in which sectors, how to organize the sector and this is advanced format is often faster than the low-level format

more reasons. This is two levels of questions, pay attention to the differences and connections of the Gen 1.

    , then, when the hard disk is required to do a low-level format?     '

     hard drive is an important storage computer system resources when using key point protection, less than million may not have the time, don't

bluff Anglo to do low-level format. About the use of the hard drive and need to back up your important data before you low-level format s if not

need to back up your data, after completing low-level format, partition t advanced formatting, installation of system and application software also takes

a lot of time. In addition, a low-level format on the hard drive has a great wear, affect its service life. In General, for

four cases could be considered low-level formatting:

     (1) new hard drives or hard drive adapters, it is best to low level format the hard drive. Jiao hard disk and the process of the

hard drive adapters are well matched to each other.

     (2) long-term use of bad sectors, which often occurs during operation "sector not found" error or "d18k

handsome ", which usually consists of three-dimensional physical address of the sector (sector m) caused by the loss. Sector dish used to differentiate between sectors,

their image as magnetic tags on disks, but they also will be kept or used for a long time and disappear. Junior

microcomputer user format is the only way to refresh the disk sector d, this work could not be advanced through the system of the hard disk format

command done PomM.

     (3) reasonable set of crossover factor can improve the data transfer rate of your hard disk ' cross of the user to change a hard drive

factors, in most cases, can only be accomplished by a low-level format.

     (4) on a hard disk when there are all sorts of pointless questions often, you could consider low level format.

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