BIos memory starting address
&Nbsp;    in a computer system's main memory (memory) of each byte is assigned an address for cPu access.

01 FFPFFH of exceptional low-end 1MB of memory, since the original 8086 processor can access memory maximum

only 1MB, this low-end 0 lMB tenancy is known as base memory, o friend of Dian O00H-BFf 411

to preserve the video memory to display card uses, 0XD00H-FE SI FH was reserved for the BIOS, the system BIOs

like occupy the last tenant, or a little more space.

     here it must be noted that this address is the memory address, read/write memory is memory unit, and this address here

the hardware directly to a special storage area: curing in the chip program addresses the memory chip can only be read,

unable to write.

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