MBR, that is, the master boot record
&Nbsp;   MBR, that is, the master boot record, disk master boot sector of MBs, the entire hard drive o repeat, 0 cylinder 1

sector. A total of 512 bytes of the master boot sector, Dian r boot program uses the first 446 bytes (offsets

o offset 1 b dish), followed by 64 bytes (offset IBEH offset 14 h) for the Dw (D5dMhogTabIe,

hard disk partition table), the last two bytes of the "55AA" (offset l delete the offset 1) is a partition effectively marks the end

(Note: MBR and MBs are two concepts but different books explain the slightly different, sometimes MB3 refers specifically to the hard disk master boot

sectors, master boot record MBR refers specifically to hard disk, which mainly refers to the MBR of the boot).

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