Hard disk partitioning application and points for attention
&Nbsp;   due to the partitioning of the disk will destroy the partition storage structure, data stored in the partition will partition or repartition and loss

and loss, therefore, at the time of partition and repartition the disk, you must pay attention to the following points:

     ① data backup: data backup of the existing partitions is important, if you need to partition, involve partitioning data

lost, but does not delete the data on the partition, you can still remain intact.     '

     second partition modification: only after the hard disk delete all partitions can be completely partitioned the hard drive.

combine some logical disk partitions or heavy minutes, then just delete that part logical disks:

some district.

but it can be extended

do not need to delete the whole

     II system usually retains a primary partition, in the application for security reasons, except the primary partition, but also have an extensive

area on this partition, you can create several logical partitions, and assign them to the appropriate logical disk drive.

conditions, do not advocate built a whole disk partition, this is not easy to document management, on the other hand are not safe.

     black-if you want to follow a few operating systems, do not put them all in a primary partition, often using specialized software

separate multiple primary partitions were installed. Slurry operating system partition should not be too big, of course, should not be too small, because there should be

programs must take it, otherwise it will cause there is not enough space error. In addition, applications software don't put it all in the c drive,

should be set to the logical disk for ease of management.

     II must pay attention to format the partition in the partition for compatibility, for example, if you select FAn6, partition size

only 2GB. FAT32 and determining the format of caution, although some tools software supports partitioning format conversion,

However, data recovery is not always smooth.

     h in the partition and format conversion process, to guarantee the power not to wave, not power failure or other failure

broken, otherwise, there will be unexpected malignant consequences.

     sadly partition granularity: to partition your hard disk, is often the actual partition size slightly larger than the user-specified partitioning large

small, such as the entry of basic partitions to 400B Dian, the actual result is the flail Dian. The emergence of this situation and various partitions

software partitioning mechanism. For example, the smallest unit of n adjacent partitions are cylindrical (cyH langou) j it will not take a

cylinders are assigned to two different partitions, this is NiA partition granularity. Thus F6 sections as the assignment's actual capacity

amount is less than the capacity of the partition specified by the user.

     h the linear address sectors: hard disk sector cluster system management units, at present, the commonly used ship a way

to locate the sectors,

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