A hard disk partition
&Nbsp;    at the time of hard disk partition, is the primary consideration of several area? how to determine partition size 7

     already know, family size and partition on the hard disk logical drive size. A brigade usually contains 2,4,8,

16 or more sectors. From the perspective of saving disk space, cluster-the smaller the better, however, forcing a cluster size is too small

disk, file access and too inefficient. For a small hard drive, partition to the hard disk when the logical volume size can be

consider the following two aspects:

     If you want to regularly installing large software, large data files, should consider setting the partitions and logical volumes

larger. Clusters of large capacity, can improve data access speed and efficiency.

     If is often used to store a large number of small files, for example, the general user, such as work, student internships, from

saves disk storage space standpoint, should consider the hard disk partition and logical Anglo-volume is set too small.

     for large-capacity hard drives, determined its logical volume size should be considered, performance can generally be

are not considered. For example, a deleted hard disk, if you frequently "tortured" system, may consider is divided into 5 districts: c

partitions, 4GB, operating systems and applications: d partition, 1-20B, systems, virtual memory dedicated partitions;

e partition, 3 Dian, user data area f partition, 2 cafes, Entertainment Division, store m, games and s G partition, Yang b, 1,

specifically designed for backup and rapid recovery system in the event of a system crash, if you install multiple systems, consider a corresponding increase

system partition.

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