Partition function
&Nbsp;    partition is divided into logical areas of the hard drive. Each partition has a definite start and end location,

in between the starting and ending positions of those consecutive sectors are included in the section of all, different partitions of staggered start and end position of each other. Department of computer

Commission to manage hard disk, you need to know about each partition 9V enough information, based on. On the cylinder, o head, sector 1

hard disk partition table is used to store the information. This information is in the partition command (FdBk) writes to the hard disk when finished

o on the cylinder, o head, sector 1. The sector is a special sector of the system is the completion of main plate b which to fuck

systematic transfer of important entrance, known as the hard disk master boot sector (m b, a surname of Thiophene S6cI Ding Yang s), in the sector of

where the master boot record (MaBWB r-na der,M6R a dish) and partition table entry (P8rbbonEDhy).

     master boot record and unyielding to any operating system, which play a role in all of the operating system into memory and, according to the main

hard disk partition table information to management and control of activities within the operating system.

     normally, an operating system on the hard drive of all operations, is part of the operating system partition

OK, another partition for the operating system if it were not there. Here is the type of the partition, such as

all FAT partitions, wdows operating system can properly recognize and use u141x/u PI using the rib by deleting f

 SwAP partition, for wIMdows won't be visible.

     for a hard drive, even if all the capacity is allocated to a partition, to this operation to specify explicitly

so, to finish after low level format your hard disk, you must partition operations, through the district to complete writing the master boot record

it is for this reason, many of the independent release of low-level formatting software, is also a partition software, you can complete the hard

the partition function.

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